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Immix Ensemble

Immix is a new music ensemble who focus on collaborations with innovative musical voices from across the UK with a focus on artists from the Merseyside area. Drawing on the talents of some of the country’s finest instrumentalists, Immix exists as a vehicle to champion the work of forward thinking composers, songwriters, bands and electronic artists, and to cast a spotlight on emerging talent, with an emphasis on artists whose work slips between the cracks of style and genre.
Immix’s first season centred around a series of commissions to local musicians, intended to promote collaboration across the wider spectrum of the musical community. Each concert features the work of a classically trained composer alongside that of a boundary-pushing songwriter, band or sound artist, with the aim of bringing together like-minded musicians and sowing seeds for future collaborations.

Immix Ensemble: About

Immix Ensemble & Vessel - Battle Cry

Sam Wiehl’s stunning video for Transition’s closing track Battle Cry, created using footage from his live AV set.

Immix Ensemble: live - Dialect & James Canty

Immix Ensemble in collaboration with Dialect & James Canty

Documented by Rob Godfrey.

Performed at Buyers Club - Liverpool 03/02/16

Immix Ensemble: Videos
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