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Sim's String Sessions

I'm here to help you capture that perfect string sound and to deliver a sound like no other. From soaring string sections to single melodies, you can be guaranteed a top quality product by choosing to work with me. Whether you have pre-written string parts that need recording or would like some creative imput from me, I am here to help and am excited to work with you!


Recording Strings

I am able to multitrack any number of violin and viola lines and can call on many professional lower string players at any moment. I offer:

- single string lines on either violin or viola

- multiple string parts on violin/viola and cello

- string trios/quartets

- string sections

- string orchestra

- string samples/riffs

- string textures

Please listen to my showreel above to hear examples of a number of these combinations I have already recorded.

String Arranging/Composing

I can also help when it comes to arranging and writing string parts. If you're not experienced in writing for strings then don't worry, I can help by:

- Arranging midi parts into string parts

- Taking an idea of yours and creating string lines to work with it

- Writing something from scratch to enhance your work

- Helping you with your arrangement to really get the most out of the different colours and textures strings have to offer

To hear some examples of collaborations and arrangements I have already done please click below.


Remote recording sessions take place at my home studio in a dry soundproofed room. I work with a sound engineer to create high quality recordings.

Equipment includes:

- 2008 Frederic Chaudiere Violin
- Modern French Viola

- 2 extra violins and 1 extra viola
- AKG C451B cardioid condenser microphone

- AEA R84 Ribbon Mic

- Coles 4038
- DPA d'vote Core 4099
- Yamaha MG series mixer with high end D-PRE preamps
- A Focusrite Scarlett audio interface
- Logic Pro X
- Various high quality software plugins

Why choose me?

By choosing me to record for you, you are not only getting a great sounding product but you're also getting playing with personality. I am a passionate and dedicated player with a natural musicality and I will use this to do whatever I can to help capture the spirit of your music. 

Please have a look around my website to see the wealth of professional experience I have gained in many fields over the years and read my testimonials to see why others have chosen to work with me.

Lastly but not least, I am about as open minded as it comes and this helps me to be incredibly versatile, so whatever you throw at me I will give it my all until we find exactly what you're looking for!


"I have worked with Sim for many years on many different musical collaborations. She always manages to interpret my songs in such a way that both reflects the lyrical content and manages to enhance the meanings within the song… On our last project I simply left Sim In a room on her own with the recording equipment and she worked through track by track composing and recording string parts for about 6 songs. After listening to her results I didn't ask her to change or rerecord a single part. It was perfect.”

Rupert Hill


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