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Y Singhs

To come across three siblings from the same family who all play the same instrument and share a close bond is quite a rare find! That is why my siblings, Rakhi and Davinder, and I have decided to embark on a special journey, working together to create original music based on Welsh folk music (and more) and perming together as a trio.

Our programmes normally range from Bach to Bulgarian folk music, Mussorgsky to Myfanwy (Welsh traditional song) and Dufay to Debussy. We aim to provide an eclectic mixture of our own arrangements, rare finds for three vioins and specially commissioned works written for us. Our accompaniment can come in the form of a piano to an accordion, double bass and percussion! With our performances we hope to bring our audiences on a musical journey, exploring the sounds of the violin, and to invite them in to experience our special connection as siblings that we believe comes through our music.

Y Singhs: About

Clair de Lune

A live performance of Debussy's 'Clair de Lune' on the Noson Lawen stage many years ago!

Sospan Fach

Our own arrangement of the well known Welsh folk song - Sosban Fach. Performed and recorded live at a concert at Rhosygilwen Mansion.

Y Singhs: Videos
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