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Testimonials: Reviews

Chris Potter - Composer/Jazz Saxophonist

"Simmy’s a great musician, her playing is consistently precise and in tune, and she internalizes the music deeply so that her phrasing, articulation and dynamics all have a natural flow. She's clearly comfortable playing in a jazz context, she’s open to new ideas, works extremely well with other musicians, and immediately grasps what is needed to help the music.  Lastly, her high spirits and generous nature helps make the whole musical situation relaxed and fun for everybody. She’s a total a joy to work with, I look forward to the next time!"

Eleni Hassabis - Media Composer

"It was a real joy to work with Simmy. She is technically and musically brilliant, as well as being intuitive in her approach. I found her to be very open in accommodating the sound I was after, which allowed the process to flow with ease and the end result was perfect. I’d highly recommend Simmy as an amazing musician to work with!"

Werkha (Tom Leah) - Electronic Artist/Producer

"Simmy’s professional approach in both the recording and performance capacities has been of crucial importance to my own professional development as a musician, producer and recording artist. Simmy’s outward focused contribution to a wide-ranging style of musical projects is a real testament to her multi faceted skill set. 
I look forward to continuing to work alongside Simmy on future projects, be they my own musical productions and performances, or ideas and concepts of her own. Here is a musician you love to work with."

Gwilym Simcock - Composer/Jazz Pianist

“Simmy is a wonderful musician. She has a fresh, open minded approach to making music and working in an ensemble, and this allows her to move effortlessly between a wide range of musical styles, bringing her own voice and sound to whatever she plays. I had a wonderful experience working with her on a cross-genre chamber project, and side from her great leading skills, what she did with my music really brought it to life and gave it a warmth and character way beyond anything I could have expected."

Funky Fruit - Producer

Simmy was excellent in every respect (very fast delivery, great recordings, valuable creative input, thoughtful communication, etc.) and her recordings were exactly what we needed for our track. It was a great pleasure to work with her and we couldn’t have asked for more!

Steve Pycroft - Composer/Arranger

"Simmy is a fantastic violinist who always brings a highly professional attitude to all projects - whether live or studio recordings. She has performed on many pieces I have written, and from a composer's point of view, she is an invaluable asset to have when recording new music. Simmy always gives advice and suggestions not only for the material written for her instrument, but also for the piece in its entirety. She always gives 100% and ensures that any performance or recording is the best it can possibly be. I've been lucky to work with Simmy on many different projects and it's an absolute joy every time."

RayNBrotherhood (Lovv Mehta) - Bollywood Composer

"I used Simmy Singh’s violin recording services for my film score and it was a very good experience. The playing technique was very good and also the recording quality top notch. She captures the expression in her playing perfectly. Highly recommend her."

Hunrosa (Sam Vicary) - Producer

'Simmy's ability, professionalism and attention to detail shine through with incredible results. A must call for any artists looking for beautiful expressive strings by a musician with an ear for the creative"

Ana Silvera - Singer-Songwriter/Composer

"Working with Simmy on "Cassandra", my project for the Royal Ballet and also on the recording of my songcycle "Oracles" was a real pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Not only does she play wonderfully but she's also super positive, friendly and professional. It was lovely working with her."

Rupert Hill - Singer/Songwriter

"I have worked with Sim for many years on many different musical collaborations. She always manages to interpret my songs in such a way that both reflects the lyrical content and manages to enhance the meanings within the song. An incredible achievement which never ceases to amaze me. On our last project I simply left Sim In a room on her own with the recording equipment and she worked through track by track composing and recording string parts for about 6 songs. After listening to her results I didn't ask her to change or rerecord a single part. It was perfect. This is a very productive way to work and I would happily work with Sim every time because I trust her instinct and ability implicitly. She has great intuition and skill, and she always manages to find the right lines. What I think we have achieved, is quite often both beautiful and interesting."

Daniel Thorne - Composer/Arranger/Saxophonist

"Sim is one of my favourite musicians to work with - one of those rare musicians who can perform to an exceptional standard technically, while also bringing a personality and energy to her performances that is uniquely her own. Sim has approached all of our projects with an infectious enthusiasm and an open mind, and Immix is incredibly lucky to have her as a member."

Dan Steele - Composer

"I’ve worked with Simmy a few times now and have really enjoyed every occasion.  She has always been a joy to have on a session, and plays wonderfully, with a great feel for the music.  Her sensitivity to the music and what I am trying to achieve and help or suggestions when I needed them have always gone a long way to ensuring the end product is top notch."

Lucy Pankhurst - Composer

"Simmy's interpretation of 'Cristallum Calvariam' was thoughtful, precise and stunningly beautiful. The piece is quite challenging due to the violinist being required to sing and play simultaneously, but Simmy drew in the audience with a perfectly executed and soulful performance that brought my intentions for the music to life. Thank you!"

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